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Inpathy Overview

  • When will Inpathy be released?

    Inpathy beta will be launch in fall 2021 once we hit our crowdfunding goal. Inpathy planned to launch in the first quarter of 2022. 

  • Do I have to pay for Inpathy?

    No, Inpathy is a free platform!

  • Is Inpathy only for iOS?

    Currently, yes. Inpathy for Android will be coming soon after the iOS launch.

  • Will Inpathy make me happy?

    No. Inpathy is not about creating happiness, it is about acceptance. We want to show people it's okay to be okay and it's okay not be okay.

  • Is Inpathy subscription based?

    Inpathy is Free! But, also subscription-based if you want to exeprience longer stories, an updating living sound library, full access to Inpathy’s ‘See Your Moods’ feature and more.

  • Will Inpathy sell my mood data?

    We will never sell or share your mood data to a third party without your permission.

  • How long can you record a story?

    The maximum length of a story is two minutes whether it is video or audio. Longer stories will be possible with upgrades.

  • Does Inpathy utilze usernames or full names?

    Inpathy uses full names. Using real names promotes the idea that you are dealing with real people who have real emotions and who are sharing real stories. We strive to fuel deeper connections and allow people to better inpathize with one another.

  • How do I get the most out of my Inpathy experience?

    Start by having genuine conversations with others. Share authentic stories and be honest. Be open and supportive and you will have an amazing time on Inpathy. To get the most out of inpathy, stay up-to-date with your Inpathy check-ins it help share your experience on Inpathy.

  • Can you share your story through text on Inpathy?

    All stories can only be shared via video or audio. Perhaps you’re wondering why. We aim to recreate the human experience! We want people to see your facial expressions and to hear your vocal tone. These subtle human elements can do wonders for the viewer.

Privacy and Safety

  • Is Inpathy a mental health app?

    No. Inpathy is a social network that normalizes moods and elevate communication through sharing stoires to show no one is alone.

  • How does Inpathy deal with trolls & violators?

    There is a zero tolerance policy when it comes to trolls. Sharing real emotions and stories are already a sensitive matter, and the presence of trolls can hinder a person’s ability to fully express themselves. Inpathy is very secure. Our platform allows users to easily report those who violate our terms and conditions. On Inpathy, violators of our terms and conditions are banned, permanently.

  • Will Inpathy have private messages?

    Yes, messages are kept between you and the user you are writing. However, for your own safety, Inpathy will monitor your messages to make sure no one is taking advantage of anyone, especially when a person is at their lowest.

  • Will my stories be safe?

    Every feature in Inpathy is designed to protect your privacy. When you share stories or message people, capturing content with phone software or third-party software will be prohibited in-app. Inpathy is DRM protected. Only Inpathy members will have access to the stories you share.

  • Can I share my stories on other social media outlets?

    No. Stories can only be shared within Inpathy. Why? Stories shared within Inpathy tend to be raw and in the stages of infancy for a person. It can be a person’s first attempt to stepping outside of their comfort zone. Other platforms are exposed to the harsh unprotected nature of the internet and the types of negative behavior online can be detrimental to a person’s experience within Inpathy.

  • Will I be able to set my profile & stories to private?

    No, your stories and profile cannot be private to your connections. Inpathy is an open and unified community where togetherness is valued. Inpathy encourages a judgment free community and culture. By being open with everyone people will begin to see that they are not alone.

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